Miss UTXO of preview on local node

I setup preview network on local node. But sometime I check hash tx of synchronized data, it doesn’t match with hash tx on CardanoScan.This’s my log on local node : "[testnet-:cardano.node.ChainDB:Notice:273] [2023-07-20 09:54:55.55 UTC] Chain extended, new tip: 49279f92b91187830f146d3e3adb8183eb2ef3f8853e67548049c5d79427faba at slot 23190895 " and Hash tx is bd8240c3e91d54ef0930bf4f3be0e717c542eb8bec70c83a74b2bb1fa3d5bdd0 on CardanoScan (Preview Transaction bd8240c3e91d54ef0930bf4f3be0e717c542eb8bec70c83a74b2bb1fa3d5bdd0 - Cardanoscan). I don’t got it, please help me

That is not the hash of a transaction, but the hash of the whole block.

You can see it on https://preview.cardanoscan.io/block/1017316 if you click “More details”.

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yah, I got it. Thanks so much @HeptaSean