Cardano Node - transaction hash and index of the UTXO Return empty

Hi folks,

I have a Cardano node running connected to the --mainnet. When i query the transaction hash and UTXO , it returns empty. Also how do i draft a transaction. How do i know, if my node is in full sync to the mainnet Cardano.

Iam a novice with Cardano, appreciate any inputs.

Cheers. Mat

You could query the tip of your blockchain instance and compare it to the tip of another (sync’ed) one, like (block height or number). Blocks being added sequentially.

$ cardano-cli query tip --mainnet


Thanks for your reply, Raph!!

The command currently shows epoch 237, I did use it before and has been like that since a few hours. The explorer shows 270, do we have an estimate as to how long will it take for a full sync and how do know it is progressing.

Will the epoch change in a few hours or so. Any reference to online doc that.


Update - I was playing around, once i deleted the old DB which was synced 2 weeks back, and then ran the node, the sync started picking up again. thx

Ok, great, to answer your previous question, to get a rough estimate you’d have to make a measure first, and make the assumption progression is linear.

It took about 6 -7 hours and my node is fully sync to mainnet. Epoch 271 and era -“Mary”. As i progress where do i get documentations, how to successfully create transactions and submit it. Does the link below help? Anyone can share a few pointers.

Appreciate any help. Thanks