Metadata hash

Can anyone help clarify how metadata hashes are created? For instance these are two transactions with the same metadata, but different hashes.

Any insight would help, thanks.

Hello @spacebudz

Did you check out this post. Maybe helpful to you:

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I’m looking for metadata hashes, though, not transaction hashes.

Those can be anything. In the case of transactions you posted in looks like it’s Sunday Swap Plutus smart contract. That hash that is listed as metadata hash may be of JSON file that Sunday Swap keeps of-chain.

You could have format in your metadata that has a hash of a contract specs as a string that is needed to start or sign the contract. Something like
“hash” :

and Cardano scan just reads it as metadata hash. While 
   msg: [
      "SSP: Swap Request"

is just another line in metadata next to the JSON hash. So hash in metadata is different, because JSON file of that contract specs are different.

I don’t know for sure. I was trying to figure out some Sunday Swap protocols when they started, but didn’t get far. This is just a guess.