Dogs for cardano

Ive been wanting to create something that’s charitable for animals but it can be integrated with cardano.
I’ve had many ideas like creating cryptos that are charitable for animals and everyone can donate… just an idea, I don’t want to go too far because I fear it being stolen. Though, I’m willing to put in the work and market it as best I can for a great cause. Anybody feel like it’s worth it…

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Hi @Cardanodognickdiaz,

If you would like my personal opinion you have to tell me a bit more. Can also DM me here or on twitter if you like. Happy to help.


Ok I’m barely getting on, I will DM you… just give me some time

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Sorry, I hadn’t sent you anything. How are you ?
My name is nick, and I wanted to make this project where it had to do with dog lovers that would own cardano and stake their cardano while paying every epoch so dogs can be saved… while at the same time they receive videos and updates and certain dogs and is able to buy nft’s for certain dogs and get updates via the nft on the cardano blockchain … which the proceeds will be given to the dog…and every nft will give you updates… idk if that makes sense but wouldn’t it kind of be awesome…

If you are a dog lover this could server some target group for sure! consider becoming a stake pool operator and having this mission!