Seaspiracy project possibilities

This could be a bit far reaching but I came up with something that cardano as a project may be able to involve themselves with. I’m not sure if any here have watched the documentary Seaspiracy on Netflix but I encourage everyone to do so, it’s incredibly eye opening and heart wrenching to say the least.

Anyway I’m not sure if this is even possible but my idea is a project which helps to punish the actions of those who illegally hunt, hurt and torture innocent creatures in mass (as seen in the documentary) Cardano is doing such a great job bringing identity to those around the world who do not have it so why not bring some identity to the beautiful creatures below us that are the only reason we are able to survive on this rock.

I would love to hear some thoughts/ ideas/ recommendations on this and please if this not relevant to this forum let me know.

Thanks for reading

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It is an excellent documentary and it would be good if Cardano could adopt the fight against The World’s Sixth Mass Extinction (The Last for humans) as a critical campaign.

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