Dr. Bingsheng Zhang from IOHK talks about Cardano's Treasury System

The development of many cryptocurrencies now relies heavily on sponsorship, organisational donations and funds, such as bitcoin. A major drawback of this economic model is that it does not guarantee sustainable funding of the blockchain system. The lack of stable funding is a huge hidden danger that hinders the sustainable development of blockchain projects.

To address the sustainability of long-term cryptocurrency development and maintenance, a research team led by Dr. Bingsheng Zhang of IOHK has developed a Treasury System that provides long-term sustainability of funding for Cardano.

A fair collaboration mechanism is an essential guarantee for a treasury system to be smoothly implemented on a decentralised blockchain. Designing fair voting systems has been a challenging issue that many decentralised blockchain projects struggle to resolve. The Treasury System solves this governance problem by developing a “community-inclusive” distributed collective decision-making mechanism, providing a better collaborative model as a provably secure system that supports liquid democracy/delegated voting. It allows voters to vote directly or delegate votes to experts.

For more details on Treasury System, please watch the interview with Dr. Bingsheng Zhang.


卡尔达诺加油!So glad to see Chinese scientist in our project. :+1: