dRep Book Club

Hey everyone, did you know that there is a dRep Book Club? There is! The dRep Book Club was funded in Fund 9: and will be kicking off with our first Zoom meeting at the end of January. The Leadership Academy Book Club will hold monthly book club meetings to discuss the books recommended by IOG for dReps:

"As we move into delegation, you will play a pivotal role in championing and safeguarding the future of Catalyst and Cardano. So, in the meantime, we would encourage you (if you haven’t done so already) to read a recent blockchain governance paper written by two senior IOHK researchers and additionally the initial treasury paper A Treasury System for Cryptocurrencies: Enabling Better Collaborative Intelligence.

More broadly, studies on collaboration and communication are always net-positive endeavors. Some recommendations; The Power of Experiments, Reinventing Organizations, and Reinventing Discovery."

One of these papers or books will be read each month. After the community has had a month to acquire and read the materials, the Leadership Academy will hold an in-person book club meeting open to dReps and the entire community. The book club will be facilitated by a host who has read and is knowledgeable about the material and will set up and use a shared Miro board to guide the conversation and record notes about the book. These sessions will also be recorded and uploaded to a YouTube channel where people can view and listen to the session if they cannot attend in person.

Keep up to date on the discussions on these papers and books and when we hold our face-to-face Zoom meetings on the Leadership Academy Discord: Leadership Academy

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Please provide links to these references.

Just some thoughts after checking out the Miro link contained in the Catalyst proposal.
These books have all been proposed by IOG. This is how academics think about systems, networks and development. It’s fairly high level, esoteric cogitation. Is this truly how people think, though?

dReps are the next step in the Catalyst experiment for funding on Cardano. If this is the direction IOG wants them to operate, we are bound for another failure. The process needs to be simplified so that we don’t develop an academic/professional oligarchy directing from on high.

One of the main issues I see is an inability to take academic developed guidance and convert it into every-man level procedures. This is evident with Catalyst, some wallets, websites and dApps. We need to focus on simplifying the user experience in blockchain, else it will remain niche.

If you are looking for something quick to read to help you to understand this process, may I suggest “Don’t Make Me Think” by Steve Krug, in which he discusses human–computer interaction and web usability. It’s one of the best introductory explainers of UI/UX I’ve read, and I still evaluate user experience of sites and apps by this simple philosophy.

Thanks for the feedback and recommendation. I have read that book, and it is an excellent introduction to user experience and design. The proposal for the dRep Book Club was voted in based on the IOG recommended list of books (and one paper), so the next four sessions of the book club will have to cover those books so I can fulfill the proposal that the community approved.

However, there is a more general section in the Leadership Academy discord where many different books are being discussed. I encourage you to join and contribute to the conversations there.

The first live Zoom dRep Book Club will happen in a Project Catalyst After Town Hall breakout room tomorrow on Feb. 1.

I hope to see you all there to discuss liquid democracy and the paper, A Treasury System for Crypto Currencies.