Liquid Democracy - Delegated Representives (dREp) Workshops

On Thursday 8th September 2022, two dRep workshops were held by IOG Catalyst with a slide presentation and Q&A from Jack O’Brien, Abhiroop Sharma, Philip Lazos and Daniel Ribar

Recording of these sessions can found on the QA-DAO YouTube channel -

Session A : dRep workshop #2, 8th Sept 2022, Session A, 1000 UTC - YouTube
Session B : dRep workshop #2, 8th Sept 2022, Session B, 1700 UTC - YouTube

And full documentation can found on the Community Governance Oversight Gitbook here -

If you have any further questions about the dRep experiment please post them the Project Catalyst Discord under the drep channel -

This information is posted here as a reference point for the Cardano Forum community.

All the best
Stephen Whitenstall - QA-DAO


Thanks a lot for the great documentation & oversight on governance at Catalyst & Cardano @Stephen_Whitenstall :pray: