DRep Code of Conduct workshop - Accra, Ghana

This recap was written by @Ekow_Harding. I am posting it for him since he had some issues posting himself.

The DRep (Delegate Representation) Code of Conduct Workshop held in Accra, Ghana, on January 27th, 2024, was a dynamic and collaborative event that brought together professionals, experts, and enthusiasts in the decentralized technology space. The workshop aimed to formulate a comprehensive code of conduct for DRep, ensuring ethical and responsible practices within the ecosystem. Locate the current version of the Code Conduct here

The workshop comprised five key topics, each fostering discussions on various aspects of DRep. Participants engaged in thoughtful deliberations, sharing diverse perspectives and insights.

Motivations for Becoming a DRep

The first topic delved into establishing the reason for becoming a DRep framework. But before participants were allowed to discuss their ideas, a video of who a Drep is was displayed to ensure they had a fair idea of who a DRep is. After thorough deliberation, a voting process was conducted, with the most dominant reason being to represent the views of people who may not have the time to vote. This was followed by the reason for promoting diversity of views in the ecosystem.

Streamlining the DRep Registration Process

The second topic focused on how an individual could register to become a DRep. Amongst the ideas brainstormed, the most agreed on was that there should be a means by which a delegate could see ideas voters vote on so as to have an idea of what the role entails. Additionally, criteria for becoming a DRep could be provided so people could build skills to match these requirements before registering.

Deep Dive into the Code of Conduct

A detailed examination of the Code of Conduct was the focal point of the third topic. The topic was explored under three categories: Competence, Organization and Fairness. It was agreed that a way DReps could prove their competence was by providing a CV and possibly a LinkedIn profile to confirm their credibility and expertise. However, it was considered that information of dRep to be displayed to the public should be given much thought so as to protect their privacy.

Also, in regards to organization, the participants came to a consensus that organizations/individuals should be equipped with the necessary resources(like time, experienced staff, resource hub etc.) to deliver the very best.

Furthermore, incentivizing dReps who demonstrate fairness in their work would go a long way toward encouraging others rather than sanctioning poor work regularly.

Tackling DRep Branding

The workshop also considered the topic of DRep branding. There was a unanimous agreement that there should be at least an event specifically for dReps to network and provide a platform for idea sharing, hence promoting each other’s brands in the community. Additionally, it was agreed that there should be a database provided to locate dReps present in several regions. The information needed for this database included,but was not limited to, the voting history of dRep and region of dRep. This would promote easy identification of dReps and delegation of power to dReps in the region of delegates who wish to delegate their power.

Innovation in DRep Tooling

The final topic delved into coming up with innovative tools that could make the work of DReps simple. Participants were grouped into three groups, and their presentations were taken accordingly. Thereafter, a vote was conducted to determine the best idea among the three. The idea of creating a platform that integrates Cardano APIs to display verified voters and provides an official method for splitting the rewards - 60% for voters and 40% for delegators—emerged as the most ideal.


The DRep Code of Conduct Workshop in Accra, Ghana, successfully achieved its objectives by fostering collaborative discussions and selecting the most plausible ideas for each key topic. The outcomes of the workshop will serve as the foundation for the development of a comprehensive and ethical code of conduct within the DRep ecosystem, ensuring a responsible and inclusive decentralized future. The enthusiasm and commitment displayed by the participants reflect a shared dedication to advancing decentralized technologies with ethical considerations at the forefront.

Link to workshop images here

Link to workshop video recap here

Link to Miro board being used here

Key Takeaways

  • Workshops like this should be done frequently, as they serve as a platform for individuals who are usually less represented to voice their thoughts and contribute to governance in the ecosystem.
  • Realities in the various regions should be considered when crafting the Code of Conduct, as realities differ.

It was eye opening for participants to learn the whole concept of dReps as I support in explaining the dReps roles. Thanks to @Ekow_Harding and his team for this opportunity. The Cardano Ghana :ghana: Community is grateful. We don’t want this project to end here hence we have submit a proposal dubbed dRep Onboarding: Empowering Cardano Ghana Community

Your support for us is highly anticipated and appreciated. Thanks for once again.


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