DRep Online Workshop Recap - March 29th, 2024

The DRep online workshop on March 29th brought together 41 participants from around the globe. The focus of the workshop was to share progress made on the DRep Code of Conduct and gather valuable community feedback.

Here’s a quick recap of the key points:

Sharing Physical Workshop Findings:
The workshop contained presentations on the progress made in physical DRep workshops held in Norway, Ghana, USA, Colombia, and Japan.

DRep Code of Conduct Evolution:
We walked the participants through the development process of the DRep Code of Conduct, starting from its inception in 2022 and outlining major changes made so far.

Community Feedback and Recommendations:
The workshop actively sought feedback from the community on the current version of the DRep Code of Conduct. The positive response from participants gave us confidence in recommending the current iteration of the code.

Overall, the DRep online workshop seems to have been a productive session for sharing progress, gathering feedback, and moving forward with the DRep Code of Conduct.

You can watch the full workshop recording here.

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