[Eastern Catalyst School – Indonesia] Workshop #8: How To Become Proposer In Catalyst - Part 1 - Recap

:date: Date: Saturday, 22 October 2022

:bulb: Purpose of this event:

  • Give introduction about Proposer role in Catalyst
  • Share knowledge on how to write a good proposal in Catalyst

:speaker: Host & Speakers:

:cardano: Total participants in Eastern Town Hall: 45 attendees
:family_man_woman_girl_boy: Total Indonesian breakout room participants: 11 attendees

:video_camera: Video recording can be watched in Cardano Eastern Town Hall YouTube Channel, see below:

:camera_flash: Documentations

:paperclip: Presentation Slide: Workshop #8 ECS.ID - Mengajukan Proposal di Catalyst - Pt. 1 (Oct 22nd) - Google Slides


The event duration is 2 hours. The workshop was held in Eastern Town Hall Indonesian breakout room via Zoom. It was divided into two sessions. The first session by @danivideda was covering about β€œIntroduction about proposer role in Catalyst, timeline and also explaining where the fund comes”, while the second session by @andreassosilo was covering about how to navigate in IdeaScale, explanation about Impact/Auditability/Feasibility and more information regarding how does the PA assessment & voting works. We also open Q&A session, where people can ask questions about proposal submission or related stuff about proposer.

The enthusiasm of the participants was very high, and many questions were asked regarding on how to be active in Catalyst as proposer or voter.

We covered these topics during the workshop:

  • Eastern Town Hall & Eastern Catalyst School
  • Introduction about Proposer role in Catalyst
  • Catalyst Timeline
  • How to submit proposal using IdeaScale
  • Explanation on Impact, Auditability and Feasibility
  • Tips on writing a good proposal structure
  • Q&A

Via this workshop, we hope more people from our local community would have better idea about proposer role. And in the end, hopefulley they would like to submit great proposal in Catalyst & actively participate on it. :partying_face:

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