Easy to create a token in Cardano

I had seen the start of Ethereum till now. It was amazing and still is. But thanks to the ease of creating tokens, 80% of rubbish tokens were created on them, I feel that it somehow brings the reputation down. Will Cardano faces such a problem or will there be some sort of moderation or filter?

As currently envisaged, I don’t believe so, it is intended to be a fully decentralised, public blockchain.

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I guess the vast majority of projects written in javascript are not promising. But Microsoft, Paypal, Netflix, Uber, Facebook… use javascript.

If someone doesn’t like a token, they don’t have to use it. It’s not the useless tokens that define the usefulness of a platform, but the amount of good projects built on it.


That reminded me of this ‘Haskell is Useless’ video. https://youtu.be/iSmkqocn0oQ

I love SPJ’s enthusiasm :smile:

The same thing that everybody seeks, decentralisation, it’s quite probable to have a lot of coins that has no value ( Basically scams! ) and if cardano is truly decentralised could not stop creating a lot of coins…
so just we have to deal with this thing but yeah you’re totally right @Boon_Chuan_Lim

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I would expect that there are not so many garbage tokens, since seeing what happened in Ethereum with the tokens I think that Cardano could take measures so that the tokens have a functionality and not only for telling the world “I am the creator of the token called wacky”