EMURGO to Host Cardano ADA Blockchain Hackathon Challenge in Partnership with Angel Hack! Exclusive Free Admission Offer Available!

EMURGO, the official commercial arm of Cardano - the first third-generation blockchain to evolve out of a research-driven approach is proud to be a community sponsor for the Tokyo event of the “Angel Hack Global HackathonSeries” on June 29 & 30. The previous Angel Hack hackathon in Tokyo was a great success in 2018, thus EMURGO & Angel Hack are partnering again to bring another great hackathon event back to Tokyo this year!

EMURGO is committed to driving the adoption of Cardano as the blockchain protocol of choice for enterprises and developers thereby bringing value to ADA holders. We believe hackathons are excellent breeding grounds for new ideas, encouraging creative development and problem-solving for a variety of talented developers and attendees. Unlike day jobs where risk-taking may be frowned upon, there isn’t any notable downside risk during a hackathon. Participating developers are free to experiment and be imaginative when developing services with open APIs. In fact, some of the most successful apps and products were born out of hackathons and have contributed to real utility use cases.

EMURGO will be one of the selected companies to host a developer challenge for the two-day event alongside other large multinational enterprises. There will be a fun blockchain challenge for the developers to engage in, centered around Cardano ADA, and guided by our own Engineering R&D Lead Sebastien Guillemot.

Additionally, EMURGO will be giving an introductory opening speech to commence the event and be a judge on the judging panel to award giveaway prizes on the second day to the winning team.

!! Exclusive offer to EMURGO followers !!
Use the code “EMURGO100” for free admission to the hackathon when buying Hackathon tickets online here!

What is the Angel Hack Hackathon?

Angel Hack is a global hackathon and innovation organization with the world’s most diverse hacker community, driving innovation of tech products through developer programs. It has expanded to over 100 cities with over 160,000 developers, startups, and entrepreneurs. Their Global Hackathon series has them traveling around the world to host their hackathons (pre-hackathon meetups, hackathon conference/workshops) with anywhere from 100-300 developers expected on site.

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