Epoch switch to 266 using version 1.27.0

Actually 1.26.2 writes “This point release is a recommended upgrade for all stake pool operators. It is not required for relays or other passive nodes”.

Which, at least for me, means that relays can still be on v1.26.1

1.27.0 says nothing at all, which I assume means you don’t have to upgrade to yet if you don’t want.

Bottom line form the above I would say the minimum is version 1.26.1. But this is my own conclusion, reading the above info.

It’s just that 1.26.1 has a nasty performance bug, that blocks the node during an epoch change. IMO it is a really bad idea to run a node with such a known bug.
1.27.0 runs fine, but not any better than 1.26.2 from a mainnet SPO point of view. Only creating the ledger-state is no longer possible with 16 GB. Which is mitigated with the newest version of cncli which is retrieving the ledger state online.

Is 1.27.0 a mandatory upgrade? Real question how fast should that be done? What will happen in a meantime it wont be updated?

Nothing, the node will run normally. 1.27.0 prepare us for alonzo


Thnx! But is there a date already for Alonzo? I understand as soon Alonzo is launched then its a must to get node updated to 1.27.0 ?

Don’t worry, another version will be release till hardfork


Hey. I have a question about costs of pools. I delegated to pool 364 ADA. In everything pool we can see cost of this pool ( for example 2% of rewards and 340 ADA) . Have I pay this 340 ADA or how? Can’t understand

You don’t pay 340ADA or 2%. Those are being subtracted from the pool rewards once a block is validated.

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Thanks a lot ))