Epoch switch to 266 using version 1.27.0

Did anyone experience any problems with the epoch switching to 266 on version 1.27.0?

Thank you

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What do u think :slight_smile: I think we need to be prepare for 1.27.1 soon :slight_smile:


Yup, I agree! :+1:

Wanted to make sure that it wasn’t my new server that caused the issues :smiley:


Nope, mine had same problem… stuck for ~10-12 minutes

Checked Grafana, Producer and Relays

Noticed some issues as well. Missed slot metric went to the moon during the switch over.

Yep, same problem here with all nodes to 1.27.0

I had like 295 missed slots!

Same here, though we are still on 1.26.2 (both relays and bp)

I believe that, too. Wasn’t the Changelog mentioning, that epoch changes have been improved?

TraceMemPool issue is still there.


TraceMemPool = true

the CPU (on the relay) is under significant, steady pressure.

Yeah I have been playing with settings as well monitoring missing slots. Even tried to disable logging and check how that would affect it.

I am sure will improve rhe code and they will release a new version soon

yo dudes, where do i find information about which version is mandatory for a stake pool?

If I remember correctly the advice was everyone to update to version 1.26.2 immediately. But for 1.27.0 there wasn’t such a hurry.

I set traceMemPool = false; it is using a lot of memory in 1.27 on the relays. As my relays are on 8gb vs the block which is true but with 16gb. It seems have corrected the issue for now…

where do i find reliable answers for which version is still compatible?

Here you are

thanks i found this… but theres nothing written about compatibility …

Basically every version ready for Mary era is compatible with the protocol (i.e. at least 1.25.1). However, to participate in the topology network you’ll have to have 1.26.2 at least AFAIK. Otherwise you won’t get new peers connecting to your relay.