Error cardano-node

my node is running like this on testnet 2

what is meant by “HandshakeClientFailure”

What version is your node?

It’s 1.35.3

@som5078 quite likely this is misconfiguration (e.g. mismatch of network magic number), although the error needs to be improved as it lack important detail. However if you enable TraceConnectionManager tracer in your config file, the log should contain the missing detail why handshake fails.


I made a PR here to fix this: ouroboros-network#4136

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Thanks Marcon I checked the all json file it’s look fine. but i will check it again and i check TraceConnectionManager tracer is enable So where can i find log files?

This is configured in the config file. Check the documentation cardano-node/ at master · input-output-hk/cardano-node · GitHub or look at the various configuration files in cardano-node repo, they are well documented.