ERROR: ledger dump failed/timed out

I have the same issue

Hello Alex:
I have the same problem, I haven’t been able to run poo->show, always get an error telling me to increase timeout, I installed a swapfile of 10GB and now the pool-show its been running for about 15 mins with no output.
any ideas.

TBH I don’t use that function… why you do?

I just wanted to see what info was there, I want to make sure my node is working smoothly

U will see infos about the pool…

U can check the pool on as well

Why do u have doubts?

9 epochs with no rewards, delegators are asking and one of them just sold his ADA for BTC

Remember ur ticker
Did u ran cncli to check if u have/had block assigned?

Ticker: APAYS, ran leaderlog and for next epoch luck is 0

nope, what is the command?

then how do u know that u have 0 for next epoch? leaderlog ?

Exactly… to this script I reffered earlier

so… the pool is fine, but the luck is still low :frowning: patience is the key
If the delegators will understand that they will receive 5-6% on long term then u are fine

I have explained that to them, well lets see what happens. Also, the Tip (diff) get yellow many times, is this normal?

I don’t know if it is normal but it’s not ur nodes fault :wink:

I have 8cpu 32gRAM and same behavior…

Do you recommend upgrading relays to 1.26.2?

U didn’t? Yes it is recommended

I did for the BP but not the relays
should I do same procedure only add the deploy as a system at the end

Inthink u can skip that step. If everything go well skip that step