Error retiring pool on the very last step, UtxoFailure

So I want to just delegate my ADA to a pool moving forward instead of running a pool. I’m able to getet all the way to the very end and when I submit the transaction, receive the error:

Command failed: transaction submit Error: Error while submitting tx: ShelleyTxValidationError ShelleyBasedEraMary (ApplyTxError [UtxowFailure (UtxoFailure (ValueNotConservedUTxO (Value 111185892 (fromList [(PolicyID {policyID = ScriptHash “3e07d877c7115f8b402de4a1c00ad9c1f0f00a9a1c25bec36c4cb634”},fromList [(“LOVE”,10)])])) (Value 111185892 (fromList ))))])

edit: I also receive the same error when I try to edit the details of the pool, specifically when I try to change the stake amount.

Any info or direction would be greatly appreciate :slight_smile:

The Ada value seems correct but it seems you also have some Love token on your in tx-in. Those also need to be used in your tx-out.

Hmph I’m not sure how to do that, what am I doing incorrectly?

–tx-out $(cat payment.addr)+${txOut}

This is the line i am talking about.
You need to enhance it like the following:

–tx-out addr_test1vqvlku0ytscqg32rpv660uu4sgxlje25s5xrpz7zjqsva3c8pfckz+1000000000+“1000000000 328a60495759e0d8e244eca5b85b2467d142c8a755d6cd0592dff47b.melcoin” \

Everything after the 2nd + is taking care of sending custom tokens. You nedd to include youre love tokens that way

In your case it should be +“10 3e07d877c7115f8b402de4a1c00ad9c1f0f00a9a1c25bec36c4cb634.LOVE”

So instead of –tx-out $(cat payment.addr)+${txOut} are you saying I should format it:

–tx-out addr_test1vqvlku0ytscqg32rpv660uu4sgxlje25s5xrpz7zjqsva3c8pfckz+1000000000+“10 3e07d877c7115f8b402de4a1c00ad9c1f0f00a9a1c25bec36c4cb634.LOVE"

and lastly, replace addr_test1vqvlku0ytscqg32rpv660uu4sgxlje25s5xrpz7zjqsva3c8pfckz with the address in payment.addr?

Yes, I think you got it right :slight_smile:
Your combined line should then be:

–tx-out $(cat payment.addr)+${txOut}+“10 3e07d877c7115f8b402de4a1c00ad9c1f0f00a9a1c25bec36c4cb634.LOVE”

This way the 10 LOVE token are sent back to your payment address.

Hmph, what did I do wrong? I used:

cardano-cli transaction build-raw
–tx-out $(cat payment.addr)+${txOut}+“10 3e07d877c7115f8b402de4a1c00ad9c1f0f00a9a1c25bec36c4cb634.LOVE”
–invalid-hereafter $(( ${currentSlot} + 10000))
–fee ${fee}
–certificate-file pool.dereg
–out-file tx.raw

option --tx-out:
unexpected “\8220”
expecting white space or quantity (word64)

You need to replace the " in the console. Copy and pasting is a problem as the browser is using some custom "