Error while claiming ISO reward - Yoroi

I’m sure many here staked in Sundaeswap’s ISPO last year.

I did and have only gotten around to wanting to claim my rewards. So i go to, and connect my Yoroi wallet. It shows that ive got xx sundaeswap tokens unclaimed and a button to claim. I click, and the Yoroi dApp connector pops up, with a transaction fee of 0.xx ada and a field for me to type in my spending password. I do just that and hit accept. The connector window closes, and the main page tells me that i “cancelled without a signature”.

Does anyone know what is going here?

2ndly - Im tempted to go to dripdropz to claim my rewards there, but i think i need to provide my staking key address (“stake####”). Anyone know if providing that would compromise my private key? I ask as my rudimentary knowledge is that the various addresses associated with a yoroi wallet, are formed with parts of the private key.


I won’t comment on Yoroi.
For the second one, your staking address is public, you can provide it safely there. It can be also calculated from the payment address.

Just use any other wallet like Typhon or Eternl and try it again.

Are you implying that Yoroi is buggy, and these two other wallets aren’t?

Yoroi was very unstable in the past but it seems like they are trying to fix and update Yoroi. But in the meantime you can use an alternative like the one i mentioned. Simply restore your wallet with your seedphrase or connect your hardware wallet.

Hello @Henster

I just tested it with Nami wallet for an old test account. Seems to work just fine. Maybe try that one.

Nami wallet:

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Nice, ill try it out.

Thanks for the info.

Hello @Henster,
We are aware of the issue with Yoroi and are actively working on a fix in collaboration with Sundaeswap. The update should be pushed live within the next couple of days as long as there are no delays with the Chrome store

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Just an update: i ported yoroi to a new nami wallet, and claimed sundae rewards without a hitch.


Good to hear all went well :+1:

NOTE: If you are planning to continue using Nami don’t forget to send all assets of that wallet to that Nami address (it’s in receive button in Nami) since it’s single addy wallet. You are sending it to your self, just consolidating on single address.