Problems Claiming rewards on Yoroit

New here, apologies if the topic has been dealt with elsewhere.

I understand that after withdrawing the staking rewards on a Yoroi wallet that the ADA is sent to your staking address and still needs to be claimed. My attempts to claim by selecting “rewards from Private key” and then copying & pasting my reward address into the staking key box are being met with the message:

“Invalid key. Should be hexadecimal-encoded”

Can anyone help me out?

Many thanks in advance.

To withdraw the rewards from yoroi :

  • open yoroi → press withdraw → check I understand box → enter the spanding password → done



Thanks for your reply.

I did exactly as you wrote a few days ago, but the rewards have not been added to my ADA balance in my wallet so I thought there were further steps (claiming rewards) that needed to be taken.

When u withdraw the rewards it will move from stake address to available funds (payment address) not to total delegated ( total delegated = available funds + rewards)

Se my picture bellow, if I will withdraw the rewards, the total delegated will not change, only the available funds


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I appreciate your help here, but something is not right.
I withdrew the rewards, but my total ADA balance did not increase.
My total ADA balance is the same as the total delegated.
Surely the Total ADA balance should increase after withdrawing the stake award or am I still missing something.

Exactly, this is how it should be… equal… wait for the next rewards and u will see the differences

Look at my picture… will not be equal if u will not withdraw the rewards

That’s an unnecessarily confusing difference between Yoroi mobile and Yoroi browser extension.

Mobile has available, rewards, and total delegated. There, withdraw moves from rewards to available and total delegated stays the same.

Browser extension has total balance, rewards, and total delegated. I’ve never seen balance and delegated being not the same. The distinction just makes no sense.

And withdraw only makes the rewards go to zero and the balance/delegated be reduced by the transaction fee, because rewards already were included in balance and delegated. It even says “includes rewards” in the fine print below the balance.

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really? I didn’t knew it… .good to know… so on browser both are always equal?

I have never seen them being non-equal (except for cases, where Yoroi was out of sync, had failed transactions, needed resync).

It’s “Total ADA” and “Total Delegated”. They could only be different if I had ADA on an address that is in my wallet, but is not delegated. That is technically possible, but Yoroi does not even offer this possibility (ccvault does). Don’t know, how well Yoroi would handle it if I put some funds on a non-delegated address of my wallet.

ok, then that’s why is confusing… understood now


Ok thanks for the clarification. I should have stated that I am using the desktop version, not mobile.
And I take it from what you are saying that the rewards were pre-emptively added to the Total ADA balance before I withdrew them. In which case there is nothing further I need to do.

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