Staking troubles

Had 7 rewards… withdrew them. Only gave me .17 … how come? Anyone have this problem

That’s actually the fee. Looks like a displaying bug in Yoroi where it displays the fee instead of the rewards withdrawn. When you click on the transaction you should see the amount of ADA that was taken from the staking address and sent to your spending address.

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Thanks… my total didnt go up at all for the delegated or undelegated. Weird.

The total is shown in the top right corner of the Yoroi wallet. Are you reading it there or at some other place?

Yes … all numbers the same… no rewards…

Do the following:

  1. Copy one of your addresses and enter into
    Q: Does Controlled Total Stake display the same amount as Yoroi displays for the total wallet amount?
    Q: Is the Controlled Total Stake amount expected or does it not include rewards?

  2. Copy the Controlled stake key from the previous step. Open and replace STAKE_KEY with your stake key.
    Q: Is the amount in Active Stake column different from what Yoroi shows as total?

All numbers are the same total. I will try what you ask… sounds complicated. I may just undelegate and move on. Frustrating earning for last year and now it’s not working.

Thanks so much for your time and help

That means the rewards should be part of the wallet total.

Are you absolutely sure that after you withdrew the rewards, those did not sum up to the total amount? There is a chance that you always looked at the staked total and expected that to go up after withdrawing rewards, but the staked total already includes the rewards. That’s why I told you to check the delegation history as well.

There is always a way to manually go through all transactions and sum them up.

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