Error while Creating Stakepool #2

I’ve analysed step by step both of scripts I was running (from previous topic: Error while Creating Stakepool) :

end found that the error is in line with ( :
ACCOUNT_COUNTER=$( CLI rest v0 account get "{ACCOUNT_ADDR}" -h “${REST_URL}” | grep ‘^counter:’ | sed -e ‘s/counter: //’ )

what is in my case:
jcli rest v0 account get ca1shkv8f59laajxsxe9d3tnlwqrtsgyd2ykvsfcwjr2qd707uzlxw4wl7tr7z -h

failed to make a REST request

Somebody know what could be the reason of the error and/or where register/get help about that?

Its not an error in script, it just means the mentioned address is empty. You might want to be in this group so that people can assist quickly with basic issues (and share funds if/when faucet does not work).

But when I’m checking my address

on explorer.beta:

there is 5ADAs on my account

Hash Block Input amount Output amount Fees amount
40ac61d3ae85f2fa672a93d0d099421fad28892cdfda831937b82d80f405271e 54984 5.001100




How is it possible? Did I do something wrong ?
I’m running BETA network (at least i think so) - genesis-block-hash is:

BTW, when I’m trying join the group “CardanoStakePoolWorkgroup” I get the error: “Sorry, this group is not accessible” - is that normal?