🇬🇧 Eternl.io Light Wallet - Video Series to Get Started!

Hello dear Cardano Community! :blush::wave:

We made a nice video series about the Eternl Light Wallet a while ago that we don’t want to deprive you of! Divided into five videos, you’ll learn how to install & set up a wallet, connect your hardware wallet to Eternl, delegate to a stake pool, restore a wallet and add multiple accounts in just a few minutes.

So if you have friends or family who are struggling a bit with using a wallet you can conscientiously recommend our videos! Best regards, Kai :blush:

Install & Set Up:

Ledger Hardware Wallet – Pair / Connect:

Delegate to a Stake Pool:

Restore a Wallet:

Add Multiple Accounts:

In addition, we are of course very happy if you leave us a subscription! :blue_heart:


Swap Tokens:


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DApp Connector: