Farming coins on Cardano

Hello Guys,

First of all sorry if someone asked before same question, but i looked up and i didn’t manage to find it. Anyhow, I was wondering if its planning some kind of farm with ADA coins to earn other coins based on Cardano chain?

Thanks in advance.

So many new projects it’s hard to follow. I heard about Wallfair too launching a decentralized prediction market platform soon.

Indeed. But it would be nice if some news about it. So we can prepare for it.
With your last respond, quite new came up (… did someone try it? experiences ?

I’m staking my Cardano for Meld ISPO.
I’m surprised the official Cardano forum is not a place where we can exchange information about reliable projects.
I was under impression that it should be one of the best sources of information, but it seems here users are uninterested in sharing :open_mouth:

Yes. Nicely said.
It would be nice if some admin open one topic or section in News And Announcements with this kind of topic. I am guessing there are some people that want to find out or invest in other coins based on Cardano.