Finalize a Stake Pool

Hello Dear Friends,

First of all, I would like to apologize if there is already a topic for these questions. I created a stake pool just before the end of the last epoch. Unfortunately, I keep coming across some questions that I hope can be answered:

  • For some reason my ticker is not showing up under Could you guess why? (Name: Diaperinvestement)

  • I realized that it is almost impossible to create blocks on a “normal” budget. So I wanted to ask what are the optimal factors to be selected for the Community Program :)?

  • How can you confirm someone else as a buddy, via pool tool or server side?

  • How much pledge would you have to pay in order to receive monthly rewards to cover the “running costs”?

To my Idea:

The basic idea of my pool is that I can offer low-income families in Austria (who still want to create a savings account for their children) the pool as an investment in the long term (over years). I am firmly convinced that cryptocurrency in general, but ADA in particular, will play an important role in the future.

Best Regards from Austria!


My advice on question one:

  • Test that the metadata is reachable from one of your nodes.

  • Do a wget to the URL of your metadata file. Then inspect the file. Did it get modified by where you are hosting? (Github will do this if you don’t pick the “Raw” link). This happened to me.

Question #4 I haven’t gotten there yet :rofl:. But I just started.

I like your cause. To compete against the big pools you have to devote time to marketing.

Hello @oldboy and @David_Stitt, welcome to the forum.

Perhaps you can find interesting answers to your questions if you ask them in the Telegram group for Cardano Stake Pool Best Practice Workgroup: