Finclout Update January 2023 (GPT3, Earnings Calls, AppSumo)

Dear Cardano community,

Please allow me to give you an update on the finclout project.

After we failed to secure funding through the project catalyst we pivoted to a SaaS model which now generates revenue. We have continued to implement several upgrades to the platform that make it significantly more valuable to our premium users.

Maybe the most interesting one is an experimental feature. Many members of the community frequently asked for a dashboard to quickly understand a stock. Since many platforms have built this out better, we were researching for a long time how this can be implemented in a new and interesting way.
GPT3 might have unlocked a previously unthinkable innovation.

We are currently testing GPT3’s ability to Summarize News, Provide a SWOT analysis, Identify Key Risks, and write three investment theses’ (Bullish, Neutral, Bearish).

How this looks can be seen in this screenshot.


Further, we have deepened our content partnership with Seeking Alpha, allowing our premium users unprecedented access to their research and also listening to earnings calls recordings. We are currently working on fine-tuning GPT3 to allow for SEC and Earnings call summarizations.


If you are interested in becoming a premium member check out our deal on AppSumo

While im really interested in your project, i will have to ask how this project is somehow Cardano related expect you are running a stakepool to produce some revenue?

By the way your FAQ doesnt work when i click on a question on your website.

Thank you for your follow-up. is what is commonly referred to as a Real Yield platform for Cardano we also operate with Red Bike a stake pool in support of the project.

But before I dive deeper into this, please allow me to outline the problems that the platform is solving.

  1. Publishing content online is powerful and can reach a large number of people really fast. Therefore, a lot of people create a lot of noise.

  2. In the age of generative AI it will be difficult to distinguish people and bots.

  3. People fall subject to FOMO based on posts from social media influencers.

  4. Retail investors don’t have access to the same tools as professional investors.

Now to the solution:

On finclout, users can earn ADA through ‘proof-of-actual-work’. These users perform tasks that help us improve the AI and improve the curation of content to other users (popping filter bubbles),

We are working on a social token that works similarly to a subscription NFT.

But more importantly. We realized that the Cardano treasury works in the same way the FED does and the pools are like banks. It would be possible to earn a second small income stream by simply making financial news better. Everybody wins.

Throughout 2022, we intended to use the proceeds of running a pool to the benefit of the finclout community. But as you can see, the pool did not gain much traction and we are thinking of shutting it down.

For the FAQ. It seems to work for me. What is the error message you are seeing?