Full decentralization for Cardano in the future with Mesh Network?

When Cardano activates the ‘full decentralized’ stage it still wouldn’t be fully decentralized IMO. My ISP could theoretically cut me of from the internet and all the data/value on any network/blockchain would be worthless to me.

Will Cardano adress this problem in the future?

It would be amazing to have all the Cardano (self) nodes (Cardanodes :stuck_out_tongue: ) connected to each other via a wireless protocol to form a real decentralized internet (like a mesh network) as a fall-back option or maybe as a replacement of the internet.

What do you think?

I am not sure how long it will be before that kind of technology will be widely available, I have seen different idea’s of how such a wireless protocol should work.
There has been work done on Trusted Hardware, I like the idea of trusted hardware too, basically it will allow for off chain transactions that can then be validated at a later date, this would allow for less dependancy on your ISP.