New article: How decentralized is Cardano?

Surprise; I felt the urge the write a new Medium article. :tada: (Doesn’t mean that I’m coming out of my ‘Medium retirement’ though.)

This one is titled “How decentralized is Cardano?” and takes a stab at comparing Cardano and Bitcoin when it comes to their decentralization. :face_with_monocle:

Hope you enjoy; let me know what you think! :v:


I really enjoyed this article!

I have some observations to make which it’s makes me in panic as I’m very amazingly bad writer!
I will try to send you some point of debate in some paragraphs of your article if you wish to discuss even if I believe this is more a thing of real conversation

Whenever you decide to write something is welcomed m, at least by me

Nice :+1:t3:!

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Thanks Undersearcher for your great work!
“I felt the urge” :stuck_out_tongue: for your article to be available in spanish , it was already translated and published in the Cardano forum.

Hope to have the chance to also translate your previous articles

Keep in touch

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Awesome, thanks for that and awesome job! :pray: I just added the link underneath the Medium article itself as well.

Thanks for that! :+1: