Fundraising on the Cardano blockchain? (Catalyst)

Has Charles talked about the plan to develop fundraising platforms on Cardano?

For example, I’m interested in investing in the new Liqwid application coming out – are there plans for Cardano to act as a conduit to things like that?

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Hello @AdamF1,

It is called “Catalyst”, and it funds projects that are important for the adoption of Cardano. In cycles of about 6 to 8 weeks, projects can be proposed, discussed and voted on by the community.

Each cycle has different topics, and the first ones are all developer-related. We are currently at the end of the second cycle (“fund2”) that contains up to $250k-worth of ada, which the community can access. The third cycle (“fund3”) will contain up to $500k-worth of ada and will start soon.

Useful resources to get up to speed: (It requires some reading in)

Blog article September: Project Catalyst; introducing our first public fund for Cardano community innovation - IOHK Blog

The platform: Project Catalyst - by IdeaScale

FAQ: Project Catalyst community FAQ - Google Docs

Telegram group: Telegram: Contact @cardanocatalyst

PS: I moved the topic and modified the title slightly

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