Future special tokens without fees

I have read on the forum that, in the future, there will be special tokens that the community can vote that won’t have transaction fees.

I didn’t know about that and I was working over a fork of the cardano code to achieve exactly that.

It seems to be something feasible but there is one point I have been trying to resolve, that is DoS attacks.

AFAIK the fee also serves as a kind of defense against flooding the network with transactions, since they will cost you money. So my question is, is there any plan to resolve that?

The following is the link of the comment
where I read that: Transaction Fee Model For Native Coins on Cardano - #2 by adatainment

Thank you!

Quote from the link:

What’s true, there would basically be the possibility of some (very special) tokens being able to pay for their own transactions in the future.

There won’t be a scenario where there are no transaction fees, but maybe you meant this one:
Babel fees - denominating transaction costs in native tokens - IOHK Blog

It’s an attempt to pay the fees in native tokens other than ADA.

Thank you very much for pointing me to that video!
That has much more sense.