Get pledge out of old masternode

Hi, we used to maintain a Cardano masternode, but due to lack of time and knowledge we haven’t updated the nodes and blockproducer for about a year and a half now.

We would like to transfer the pledge to another wallet, but we don’t know exactly how to do it.
Must we first update the nodes? (I hope not).
Can someone tell me how to get the pledge out of the old masternode?
We have set it up in the beginning following the coincashew guide.

As soon as we have removed the pledge, we will stop the masternode.

How did you generate the wallet for the pledge? Mnemonic method or cli?

I can help, it is a cli wallet or imported wallet?

also I can help u to upgrade the node and perform transactions from there (remove pledge/retire)

You don’t need to upgrade the node, just create the transaction, sign it (use coincashew guide) then use etrnl to submit the transaction (send-> option → import transaction)


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