Get pool delegators and reward distributions with cardano-cli


I am trying to get information about reward distributions (between delegators and pool operators) of a staking pool with the cardano-cli. I have tried the cardano-cli query commands but I cannot seem to find the correct command for retrieving

  1. the delegators of a pool (until now I can only find the owners)
  2. the rewards the delegators and pool operators received

Could you help me please?

Hi @nimrare!

Are you talking about this kind of commands?

cardano-cli query stake-address-info \
    --address stake1u8efrn8hg5dpqpdlwsn3pjy02yqvz9ddmhtzfssst85fvfckwqhfm \

These cardano-cli are quite difficult to use to explore the blockchain. You should look at projects like these:

Hope this will help!

@TSAR_stakepool is right. See here for some GraphQL examples:

Don’t bother. Use to run queries. You can get a free account which gives you 50k queries a day. Much easier to use json, and then process via nodejs (or whatever you prefer server side) or with jquery client side in browser.