Getting CNCLI error on Core - Mainnet

Says I need to update it, but when I run the script its updated?

Check this WA provided by @georgem1976

The cncli you have in /home/user/.local/bin was built for Ubunto 22.04, and you probably have Ubuntu 20.04. You need to build your own cncli from sources, or use a cncli statically built, like the one I built and uploaded here:
What you need to do to use it is:

curl -o /tmp/cncli
chmod 755 /tmp/cncli
cp /tmp/cncli /home/user/.local/bin/cncli

After that, cncli will work. You will need to restart all your services using it.


thanks i got it working

I am trying to update to 5.3.1 do you know whats going on?


I am upgrading to 22.04

I got it working after updating 22.04 -s c

Another problem to watch out for is making sure your .cargo/env is changed to .local/bin/env and source .bashrc

curl -sS -o