Giveaway scan lost all my AdA


To this account tonight from coinbase sent to this evil people my all savings , is they anyway to get my money back

If it was sent from coinbase, you should contact their support.

Any other idea or help please!? Im upset about my sut* and coinbase it’s hard to get into them !!

Sadly no, they are the only ones that can help. I know was hacked but there was an insurance that covered the losses. Maybe something similar happened to coinbase?

I hope it wasn’t you that that did the transaction. If you logged in to to your coinbase account and did this transaction because you fell for a giveaway scam, then your ada is lost. Coinbase can’t do anything in this case. You did the transaction, not coinbase. The best you can do is to report to the police.

Sadly it was me , thank for you help, I guess no way to get it back , lessons learned but ADA crypt it’s very weak in security that’s the reason after me

I’m sorry for you. But I disagree that Cardano security is weak. The responsibility lies on the user. If you send money from your regular bank account to some fishy account in Nigeria your money will also be lost.

Very sorry to see this happen to you Ahmed. I feel it pertinent to send everyone to the link below for future reference to avoid these things from happening again:

Be safe everyone!