GM Cardano ☀️ Wednesday November 15th 2023

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In this episode, the top stories include:

:large_blue_diamond:The Intersect Membership and Community Committee holds its first public meeting to discuss early plans for organizing the Cardano members-based organization. Goals include community oversight of grants, events and working groups.

:large_blue_diamond:Managing director of Emurgo Media, Sebastian Zilliacus, speaks at a conference about the potential for decentralized social media platforms to provide transparency, user control and rewards for creators. He highlights Cardano Spot’s roadmap.

:large_blue_diamond:Patrick Tobler and Ryan Wiik discuss details of their new ElPasoVerse project to adapt classic Western novels into short films and NFTs on the Cardano blockchain. They plan to tokenize parts of the IP and allow collective community ownership.

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