Goguen: Delegating and pledging via smart contract?

I’m currently evaluating different platforms for a project. As Goguen will implement Smart Contracts I’m wondering whether it’ll be possible to let a smart contract…

  1. …delegate its ADA to a pool?
  2. …pledge a staking pool?

Question 3, regarding staking in general: I understood it the way that delegated ADA are never locked and can be moved every time (instead of having to wait for an epoch like at EOS or DOT). Is that right?

And question 4: Can you also decide to move only a fraction of your delegated ADA? E.g., you have 1000 ADA delegated and want to move only 250 while leaving the other 750 being delegated to a pool.

Any information is highly appreciated.

Kind regards

Hi haggis
I think the answer to 1 is yes, (others more technical and with ability to write a smart contract will confirm for you)

2, is generally the term used as the amount a Pool operator ‘pledges’ to the pool they are operating, for ADA owners we ‘delegate’ our ADA to one of the many pools available on the mainnet, i use https://adapools.org/ or https://pooltool.io/ to help decide where to ‘delegate’ my ADA.

3, yes you can move at any time, the effect of your delegation and any movements you make i.e. switching pools etc. or spending your ADA follows a timeline which is explained on various Youtube videos e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPnG99g_km0

4, The function of delegating is based on your wallet address, i.e. if you wish to delegate to several pools currently you would need to create several wallets and split your ADA between them (one of the proposals being developed for release will allow % delegating, allowing you to delegate to many pools from one wallet).

Hope this helps


Thank you, MachTwo!

So essentially it will be possible to have a smart contract, whose ADA are delegated to a pool - and each time a user deposits ADA to the SC, the delegated amount gets adjusted beginning with the next epoch (with the snapshot)?
And if a user chooses to withdraw her ADA from the SC, all of the SC’s ADA are still in delegation mode, except that the withdrawn ADA will not be subject of the next snapshot, right?

That’s pretty much it, the wallet and the protocols are built into the system (so the delegator doesn’t have to worry about rewards being paid out, if the pool produces block/s, pool delegators get paid). Rewards are credited automatically as the current epoch flops over to the next epoch your rewards folder displays the reward/s.

The snapshot is taken at the start of the epoch, so any addition or withdrawal will be picked up at the next snapshot to determine what you’re credited for.

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