Governance for a Decentralized Future: How close is it - and how far?

The Cardano community recently conducted an on-chain election to select Catalyst Circle representatives for CCv4.

The election was hosted by, and was based on the $ada power of participating wallets. An impressive 1140 unique stake addresses participated.

However, a small number of wallets with large amounts of ada held disproportionate voting power: just 10 wallets holding over 1 million ada accounting for 40% of the voting power. What’s more, it’s possible that a single wallet with 10 million ada could have single-handedly decided the result.

How do these voting patterns compare to what we are doing in Project Catalyst, and where do we go from here? Read the full analysis - with links and charts - at Lido Nation


really good article :slight_smile:
thanks a lot for putting this together @Stephanie_King & Lidonation Team :man_mage:

would love to throw one correction… the article mentions:
Attendees at a certain Zoom call voted for their preferred representatives by raising their hands, in the Zoom call, to cast a vote.”
The CCv1, CCv2 & CCv3 votes actually were casted via google forms which have been sent to the zoom live - call participants after candidates presented themself to the audience :slight_smile:

Once again, really good article and quite nice how you bridged the Circle vote to Catalyst at general… good food for needed thoughts indeed

Thank you @Felix_Weber! If you don’t mind, I will make that correction directly in the article!

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yes sure, thanks a lot for the adjustments :slight_smile:
for documentation, we fortunately can rely on the QA DAO documentation of the Catalyst Circle
google form vote outcomes can be found at:
Catalyst Circle version 1 results
Catalyst Circle version 2 results
Catalyst Circle version 3 results

@Felix_Weber THANKS, I will add those links to the article too! I was looking for them, and was only able to find the first link, but not the others! Seemed half-baked with just the first one, so I skipped it… <3 appreciate your help!

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