Grafana adapool Live API troubleshooting

Just a post incase anyone like me struggled to get grafana to show live API data after following some of the online resources. The resources indicated after you setup the Json Datasource the data would be ready to select in a panel. For me this was not the case. After downloading the example from PoolData.Live API I inspected the Json Query and noticed that they included an extra field - “type”: timeseries which turns out is essential.

So when setting up your panel you select json as the data source, select the metric you want, then you have to click on query inspector and make sure the query includes the “type” field →

By default my query did not include this field and adding it made the data appear!:slight_smile:

“targets”: [
“refId”: “A”,
“payload”: “”,
“target”: “pool.ranking”,
“type”: “timeseries”

PoolData.Live is very useful metrics. Thx for that I was not aware of its existence.