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Hello Community,

I have installed prometheus and grafana, everything seems to be working except for the data from adapools. I found a forum post that referred to this link Adding Pool Stats to Grafana Dashboard | Crypto2099

my issue is I’m having a hard time understanding this section.

Could anyone help me simplify it so I can get to the correct code to make it work.

the dashboard is currently looking like this

Thank you :slight_smile:

That line should be added to node exporter service from /opt/system/systemd (locate the node export service and type nano node_exporter… to add the line)

then restart the service and check the status… should be green/running

I found it, however it is not working still…

i found this guide and it helped me understand the instructions better. After completing all the options, I still don’t see the adapools options on grafana.

Level Up! - Monitoring - Add ADApools data (


I restarted the services after, still nothing.

I appreciate you helping out @Alexd1985

but do u have inputs from adapools in collector.text file?

I don’t even have a file named collector.text
what should I put in there?

this is what i have in that folder

I do have inputs inside adapools.prom

Hi Alex, do you happen to have any suggestions? i have tried to research all over google and the forum and no luck.

Nope, I also tried this guide last year but same… couldn’t make it to work. I can live without those stats :slight_smile:

Oh okay man, thank you for all your help though :slight_smile:

Is what you are looking for similar to the following?

Yes it is! How did you get to pull the info into Grafana?

STEP 1: You get the Grafana plugin simpod-json-datasource

STEP 2: You configure the datasource in the plugin as:
Where [your-pool-id] is the Cardano address of your pool

STEP 3: All done! Play with your new metrics :smiley:

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I used the same guide - did you confirm the adapools.prom file is updated, does it look right and was recently updated? You’ll need a cron job to regularly update it. Once that’s in place, look to prometheus-node-exporter to include it when starting.

Sample from mine, adapools_id 2723
adapools_total_stake 211729525835
adapools_rewards_epoch 268
adapools_tax_ratio 0.01
adapools_tax_fix 340000000
adapools_roa 0
adapools_blocks_epoch 0
adapools_blocks_lifetime 3

adapools_owners 1