I setup prometheus node exporter on my block/relay1/relay2

and i set the grafana/prometheus on my monitor server

my grafana dashboard isnt showing anything, all my ports are open on the servers.

I am wondering if my config is wrong, and if anyone can give me the right prometheus.yml

do I need cardano-cli on my monitor server?

Got your ports right and check firewall/ACLs?

I set up all the ports, what is ACLS?

access control list. what ports are you using and did you need to do anything to get your relay and bp to connect (like open firewall up)?

Well I set my monitor IP on my Block/Relay 1 / Relay 2

So I added a ufw rule for block/relay1/relay2 for my monitor ip where grafana/prometheus is setup

my cardano nodes just have the exporter.

On my monitoring server I set up the prometheus.yml and added my node ips

De you use privates IP ?

Have you set your hasPrometheus in mainnet-config.json ?

“hasEKG”: 12788,
“hasPrometheus”: [
“your IP”,

Do you use alias on Grafana panel ?

Here’s my prometheus.yml.

Yes I use private IPS and I have the settings in mainnet-config

I forgot… did u changed the metric in grafana? Starting with 1.25.1 all metrics reside in cardano_node_metrics_

Stake Pool Operators (SPOs) and Exchanges should take note that the metric namespace has undergone consolidation, so all metrics now reside in cardano.node.metrics :

  • cardano.node.Forge.metrics.* → cardano.node.metrics.Forge.*
  • cardano.node.ChainDB.metrics.* → cardano.node.metrics.ChainDB.*
  • cardano.node.BlockFetchDecision.connectedPeers → cardano.node.metrics.connectedPeers

The node configs require no changes, but allow dropping entries that became redundant: wherever cardano.node.Forge.metrics.* , cardano.node.ChainDB.metrics.* or cardano.node.BlockFetchDecision.connectedPeers were mentioned, those entries can be removed. Only cardano.node.metric needs to remain.

I didnt change anything. I just loaded the json file that was in the coincashew tutorial

In grafana… u can show me a metric which is not working?

None of the metrics are working, its completely blank, see my photo above.

Yes man, that’s why I asked u to share a metric

I don’t know what you mean by share a metric.

Go to one pannel - edit … and u should see the metric

I dont have any localhost added here



U will need to write {{alias}} to legend

Thanks for making note of this. CoinCashew updated their guide to reference the updated json for Graphana. I overwrote my config by importing this json file .
Prior to this I could not see Epoch and a few other stats, but after reimport I see everything. Looks Good!

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Your json didnt do anything swinful


didnt change anything

Ok, I will share mine yaml configuration with u if u wish

Wait to start my laptop

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