Grafana only showing relay node and missing BP


I just noticed that Grafana is only showing my relay node data and missing my BP.
I checked my config files and I have my BP as the target IP.

Appreciate any help.


Check the node exporter service on the BP

sudo systemctl status node_exporter

Check if u opened the ports 9091 and 12798 on BP


Hi Alex,

Should I allow inbound and outbound port connections from my BP node?

U installed grafana on the relay right?


I can see my Relay on Grafana.

Then on BP u need to open ports 9091 and 12798 … from ur relay

sudo ufw allow proto tcp from relay_ip to any port 9091

sudo ufw allow proto tcp from relay_ip to any port 12798

sudo ufw reload (before this command check sudo ufw status to check ur ssh port)

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Okey, I did that and restarted the nodes but still no change. I might need to update on restart on Grafanas side

Are u using cntools?

How did u intalled the node exporter on BP?

I see u have prometheus also running on BP

I used the Guide on Guide: How to build a Cardano Stake Pool - CoinCashew Step 16

Ok, then u don’t need the port 9091 on BP … u will need 9100
and also check the config file if u changed the prometheus ip from to

also restart the BP node

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Hi Alex, Everything seems to be looking okey on the nodes, might have to reinstall grafana


Try from relay

telnet BP_ip 9100
telnet BP_ip 12798

Are the ports open?


sudo systemctl restart prometheus-node-exporter.service

sudo systemctl restart grafana-server.service
sudo systemctl restart prometheus.service
sudo systemctl restart prometheus-node-exporter.service

In ur dashboard use last 5 minutes to see if ur BP is updated

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I am trying to telnet from realy and it just freezes and timesout

Then the ports are not open

Did u ran sudo ufw reload after u added the rules?

I did. Ill do it again

Do u have another fw in the cloud?

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I do, I thought I had it open to the relay_IP. Do I have to restart the nodes to take effect?

I don’t think so… now can u telnet from relay on both ports?

Yes I can!

And now can u see the BP on grafana dashboard?