Setup Granafa connect to prometheus

Hi, newbie again to here search for some answers :slight_smile:
I have build my two node relay and producer, and I setup my prometheus monitor, and I can see this screenshot

My prometheus port number is 555xx.
Then I follow this guideline to setup Grafana.

I finally create one data source and import one json file called cardano-application-dashboard-v2.json content.

Now the screenshot look like below:

I saw no data in many monitor cells. I don’t know what going on with this. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Did u opened the ports for relay and BP?

Did u modified the config file (change prometheus IP from to


Did u opened the ports for relay and BP?
=> yes, and both of two run node.

Did u modified the config file
=> yes, but I follow official doc to setup IP, this is prometheus.yml file

I can search those query params.

But still not show all data on Grafana, except this two value show
截圖 2021-03-23 01.21.31

What guide did u follow?

I follow this Link Prometheus

and Link Grafana

Check this guide, STEP 16

Okay, probably I misunderstand “open port” meaning, I think prometheus and grafana only be installed on relay node, not on my producer node. I will see your link again, thank you!

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Hi, I have re-setup prometheus, node-exporter and grafana service, then I take screenshot below:

Almost all panel value come out except for “Peers” and this is called “Key Rotation”? Are these params deprecate or discarded?

This is my prometheus.yml file on my relay node. I don’t know why producer node need open 12798 port number?
producer node need install prometheus? I only install node exporter on producer node.

I have no param called “cardano_node_metrics_connectedPeers_int”

I search from prometheus domain, not found


In your configuration file u will see

“hasEKG”: 12788,
“hasPrometheus”: [

It’s mandatory also to open the port 12798

Hi, what you mention config file is relay node or producer node? this file I check again, only relay node config file have, the producer node still… producer should change together…?

also the producer should use
didn’t mentioned in guide?

Sorry i wasn’t careful enough to change producer config file, I have edit to and open 12798 port number, I telnet from relay node, success.

key rotation show up!! yeah! but Peer… still no data -.-, it’s weird…

OK, peers not working for both right? or just for the producer?

Can you shoe me the metric?
it should be :


yes, I saw this param “cardano_node_metrics_connectedPeers_int”, but it didn’t show on my prometheus panel.

This is grafana Peer panel:

This is prometheus panel:

ok, check on your nodes if u are exporting this metric

curl localhost:12798/metrics | grep Peers

This is relay node grep result:

This is producer node grep result:

Seem like no Peer can be grep, I try other command line from producer node
curl localhost:12798/metrics | grep mempool

wait… I saw somewhere this issue before… wait few minutes

okay, this is pretty…weird maybe…bug, I don’t know how to solve. -.-