Greetings Earthlings

Hello everyone from Cornwall in England.

I discovered Cardano about 2 months ago and have been buying and Hodling every week. I love this technology and the fact that it really can change the World. For too long the Banksters and the wealthy have been asset stripping the planet and at long last we have a project with amazing vision that will make a difference.

But I’m also in it to become financially independent.

So it’s ‘Big Hello’ from a beautiful part of England…Cornwall.:grinning:


Welcome to the club Maximus!

Welcome to the forum!

Welcome to the club…

The title instantly reminded me of this song…

Hello @Maximus58
Glad to have you join us on the Forum! :smile:
I visited Cornwall last spring and absolutely loved it!

lookup Louis Thomas on youtube / he’s in your neck of the woods…

Hello back at you from Canada! Welcome to the forum and Cardano community! All the best! :slight_smile: