Greetings from beautiful Seattle, Washington USA - Digital Strategist

Hello world, :wave:

My name is Justin Boland and i’m a part-time blockchain enthusiast / full-time corporate Digital strategist.

I just wanted to go ahead and introduce myself.
It’s been ~3 years since I first started going down the Cardano rabbit hole.
Ever since, i’ve been collecting data, researching trends, analyzing competition globally, and essentially creating my own split-test case studies (x=me | y=cardano) based on events/dev releases unfolding. It’s been a great time so far.
(yes, i do this for fun) Chances are, you’ve probably seen my cardano memes on twitter.

Watching this community grow over the years has been spectacular.
The comradery between the community and the internal teams seems to be growing by the day. That being said, thank you for maintaining such a consistent “input & output” of quality communication (both digitally & IRL events).

Looking forward to the future of Cardano, IOHK & more

Let’s connect!


Greetings Justin!
Welcome to the forum!
We are also based in Seattle

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No way! Small world :slight_smile: Thanks!

Welcome! Thanks for posting!

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Added you on Twitter yesterday after getting your invite on LI. Let’s connect :+1:

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Thank you Justin!
We are following you too!