Greetings from Crypto and Cardano newbie in Colorado, USA

Newly signed up and first morning in this forum, dutifully posting an introductory message, as requested. As the subject name suggests, I am getting familiar with this new asset class in general and, specifically, Cardano, as it comes highly recommended.

I am an engineer, working for a rural electric utility as a Business Systems Analyst. I have worked successfully in 5 different industries and will mostly likely end my working days in this one - providing arguably the most foundational service of all (at least at this time in human history), electric service. I have a strong business background and derive a lot of professional satisfaction from helping people become more efficient and productive in using various database systems.

It is fascinating to be in the early stages of experiencing a revolutionary new combination of databases and networks - blockchain technology linking us together globally via the Internet.

All the best to all in the Cardano community moving forward, as the vision for what can be unfolds!



Welcome to the forum! I hope you find it useful and enjoyable, I just left Colorado for Utah but before I left I was spreading the good news of Cardano to everyone that brought up investment conversation, I hope it grows in popularity over there.

Thank you! We left Utah to come to Colorado. Guess we “traded places” … :slight_smile:

All the best to you in your new home!

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Love your introduction post, welcome to the forum!

Howdy! Welcome to Cardano’s Bar and Grill!

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