Greetings from Paris! 🇫🇷

Hello everyone,

I’m Cassandre and I live in Paris, France. I’m a diamond and gold expert. As a true enthusiast of exotic assets, I had to become passionate about crypto. I started investing in different crypto currencies last year but about 2 months ago, the Cardano project really caught my interest. I started investing and following Cardano news on Twitter via different hashtags and Charles’ account.

Today I feel like I want to learn more about the subject and meet more people that share the same interest for Cardano. In a nutshell, get more involved in the project and help growing the French community!

Thanks for reading, looking forward to interesting discussions with you all!



Welcome to Cardano forum @Cassandre :+1:

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Welcome aboard!

Here u will find the answers u need, fell free to ask!


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From centralized assets to decentralized ones, well played!

Great to have someone, as I’ve already mentioned regarding another member, in his case being the stock market, with the necessary background and know-how to propel and instigate the most skeptical minds about crypto!


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Thanks @jpsrrv

Funny you mention that, my dad is in stock market and used to be super skeptical regarding cryptos. Now he’s an $ADA holder and fellow Cardano supporter :wink:

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welcome on this fantastic forum& welcome to the world of cardano spread it in to friends&family and france you just choose the no 1 crypto in the world.
viva la cardano✌
cheers from amsterdam

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Welcome! I have always had an interest in gem stones. I have been thinking of taking a trip to Arkansas in the US to the Crater of Diamonds state park where you can look for your own.

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Welcome to this fantastic forum.

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Hello, @Cassandre. Welcome to join the community.