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I am Prospectorjack, I like to prospect for gems and precious metals. I am brand new to crypto currencies, I have been aware of Bitcoin for several years now but I was not interested at all, I didn’t think I wanted virtual money I wanted gold. I was talking with my cousin during Thanksgiving who has had bitcoin for several years he bought at only a couple of hundred dollars and at that time Bitcoin was over 9 thousand dollars. He had also mined some. He got my attention on crypto currency, when I got home I started looking much closer and noticed Cardano at under 4 cents. I really liked the team and I liked the peer review I also liked the fact that Cardano has a treasury, I had to get in, I bought my first Bitcoin on Dec 2, It took me about a month to get an account set up on an exchange, then I finally got my first Cardano. I believe in Cardano, I think it looks like the most promising project out there.


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