Grigore Rosu advisor of Elrond

Hi Guys, I found this:
I also noticed that Runtime Verification is currently working with Ethereum and Algorand. Has Runtime Verification’s work with Cardano been reduced?
How do you see this collaboration with competitors? I’d like to see your opinions…

As far as I know Runtime Verification was hired as a subcontractor by IOHK to work on IELE and KEVM with the K framework. That contract is now over though according to Charles it may be renewed at a future date. Runtime Verification works with a lot of people.

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Algorand has been validated to not fork by Runtime. I found this promising but seriously look who it’s coming from. I think they New the answer before they contracted with runtime. For us simpletons it provides that third party reassurance which is great. I’m wondering where algorand will go next honestly. It’s a fast moving project.

They’re working with the Elrond team on both KEVM and IELE which are both projects that IOHK funded. All work they do also benefits the ecosystem in general including ours. You can read about their plans for IELE and KEVM here:


Thank you Sebastien, it was very informative!