Guarda Wallet feedback required

Hello Cardano community. My name is Paul and I’m the CEO for Guarda wallet. You can find our web-site at
Recently we’ve implemented Cardano for Send, Receive and Exchange. However we know that cool blockchains have their own specific features that need to be embraced by the developers.
I would love to hear your opinion on which of them you want the most. Is it stacking? Smart-contracts integration to our Chrome extension (blockchain browsing)? May be something else.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch, leave your feedback and let’s discuss!


I didn’t know about Guarda Wallet. The design is pretty neat! :ok_hand:

We are pretty new on the market, but developing really fast.

Well, two things: Ledger support and different colours… :wink:

“different colours” - night mode you mean?
"Ledger support " - already in plans

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No, different from purple… :wink:

Cool! :+1:

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No, different from purple… :wink:

ahahaha, okay, gotcha