Wallet boredom



The Daedalus Wallet-sad and boring.
Gray, dull and boring.
After all, crypto-currency is a dream, this hope. What if a jackpot? And Daedalus Wallet-sad and boring. Is this a dream? Gray?

Look who writes on Facebook about ADA - young people! Japan, Africa, South America
But you have a wallet for people who are 70-80-90 years old?
You write in the road map- that you will take the best ideas, please look at the competitors.
For example =
Exodus wallet-beautiful
There is a color, there is movement, there you can “click the mouse.”

Dear developers, have you ever had a purse with FIAT money?
After all, it’s nice to get a nice purse, thick, count the money with your finger, admire …

And that The Daedalus Wallet is the only movement = this is Transaction … level High 13000-1,2,3, confirmations

If the main people HODL, can add there humor, movement, colors (sakura), roulette, Tomagotchi (Tamagotchi) and etc…


ours is to do or die not to question why


You will be able to create your own look for the wallet, or download a theme someone else has created. Patience my friend. Soon exodus will be bleak and meaningless in comparison.


How exciting, I always wanted to skin wallets. :slight_smile:


I like the portfolio feature in exodus. And the pie chart.
When other currencies are supported I hope it will be something like that portfolio tab.

Other than that. The wallet will be a hub for lots of things. I’m excited for the future! Ada long term


What…Old people buy Cardano too.:wink: